Family Time…


The title might give it away?  Well, it’s about mamma, but it’s also about papa, family, and all the simple things in life you should appreciate as much as possible.   Don’t take the good stuff in life for granted.   Easy said, easy done,  but I know myself, and sometimes I forget to stop and smell the roses, or the pizza.

Almost two years ago today, I wrote about Mamma Lucia, and their Rockville Pike location.

I want to get the pizza part out of the way first.

I’ll just say that the plain White Pizza from today was one of the best slice I’ve had in some time.    The rest were solid but nothing to write home about.  The cheese and the sauce on the meat lovers, and the one veggie itself were missing something.  But today it didn’t matter.   I just wanted to get a little pizza review in before I completely went off the rails here.  The New York Style crusts were all good to great on there.  But that White Pizza, oh my goodness.  Something was in the air today.


Something today (as of this writing) has brought me back many times over this week and over the past several months, that I was due to stop into their Fallsgrove location.   But first, let me get all the particulars out of the way…. For more on Mamma Lucia, here is their menu, their list of locations, and contact information.


Now that’s out of the way, I want to talk about sentimentality.   Family is everything.  That meaning your mom, dad, brother, sister, cousins, etc.. etc…  But family is also dear friends who started out as acquaintances but evolved into people you would do anything for, and they would do anything for you, without hesitation.  That’s a special bond,  that’s spiritual beings, kindred spirits, and anything else that seems fitting, which is also family.


Family can also be the places you go, whether it be a restaurant, a bar, a social club, or the comfort of your own home.  My cat is family, I’m lucky to have many good friends, and a few that I consider family.

Yet you’re also born into family.  That’s your blood, and that’s the family that’s your meant to have initially.  The universe presented that to you, for you, and with you.  Where I’m going with all this is, I recall fondly the many meals I’ve shared with family over the years, many being at this Mamma Lucia location. This goes back nearly 20 years.   I know, time flies.

I’m grateful to have grown up near where I did.  As much as it’s cold at times, congested, and much more populated then 30 years ago, I look forward to going home and seeing family.

It’s not always about the food, but the company.   And that company, is your friends, but growing up, it was always family too.

The pizza here just brings back instances of when I was younger.  It’s not one or two specific incidents or events, but an accumulation of so many things.   Why this place stands out, I can’t tell you.  But driving around the area today really hit a nerve with me.  I’m not as young as I once was.   That’s part of it.  But it’s one of those things, where the more things change, the more they will continue to change.  Some remains constant, but something has evolved, for better or worse.  As have I, as have all of us.  My family dynamic has changed.  And it will continue too, for all of us.

So when I walked in today to other some slices like I always did, I just had this moment of clarity.  Not so much a new lease on life, because that time is coming (if I’m not already going through it), but something else.  It’s something I can’t put into words just yet.

Today it’s not about the pizza. It’s about everything else.

Their might be a follow-up in some way, shape, or form.   This is one of those existential moments that will resolve itself, because that’s how the universe works, for all of us.  It’s looking out for us.   It’ll be ok.   I have to tell myself that.  But…

It’ll be ok.

Peace Be With You.




All I Can Eat


I used to crave buffets.  I was a big boy once.  Just the sight or sign of an all-you-can eat buffet or smorgasbord would get my friends and I excited.   I lived for the moment, literally.  I had helpings and more helpings of the most unhealthy and unsightly food, but I didn’t care.  Life for a few minutes was good.  But with that comes severe repercussions.

I’d like to think I’ve grown up.  I’ll eat the occasional Indian or Middle Eastern buffet, but I must be very careful.  Our stomachs can only take so much.  My tummy is hurting at the thought of this.


More on buffets shortly.  That pic looks kind of funny I know.


This brings me to Cantina Mamma Lucia of Hanover, MD.    This may not be the sexiest area, but I’ve been around the area enough times, it’s been long overdue to visit.  And just because the strip mall doesn’t look too appealing doesn’t mean this spot is unwelcoming. Nothing could be further from the truth.  There’s a pleasantly surprising energy in this place.   I can’t put my finger on it but the massive space may be a factor.  It’s large enough to fit a big group or party but still has that quaint and cozy feeling.

But before going inside I caught the sign for a buffet.  I didn’t expect that.   I had to think for a moment, do I want to focus on the pizza or say the heck with it and enjoy this on my own, no pictures, no blog posts.   I chose the former.  For only $2 more I could have ordered the buffet which included sausage, meatballs, pastas, cheese pizza slices, and to counterbalance the carbs, a leafy green salad area.   So….


I opted for two slices  in the front display area.  I went with the cheese and a vegetarian slice.  The weather was conducive to sitting outside.  Yet no one else echoed that sentiment.   Well that just means more room for me.

As it gets warmer eating carbohydrates may be more of a challenge.  Or maybe it’s just me? But I’m drawn to lighter fare such as salads, healthier proteins, and other nutritional friendly options.  At least that’s my intent.

With these two slices it was a struggle to eat.  I didn’t finish either and that had nothing to do with the quality.


The cheese was magnificent.  The crust, sauce, and cheese were perfect together.  If the temperature was chillier and my mood called for more comfort food, I would decimate a whole pie.  Oh man maybe I should have gone with the err.. No…


The veggie slice was ok.  They didn’t taste fresh and I think they were in the way of the cheese.  I really just wanted another cheese at this point.

Which brings me to another point.  As it gets hotter (and I’m not complaining, I love this weather), it’ll tempt me to find other alternatives in terms of crust.  If that means gluten free then I’ll see where that leads me.  I’ve had gluten free slices before with mixed results.

But for now I take solace in remembering how delicious that cheese slice was and forget about the rest.  I hope to come back again and see what else their menu has to offer.  If you’re in the area I would highly recommend that slice, and maybe the buffet.     Maybe…