Ideen Barimani
Maryland, USA

Bio: I feel good. I have a lot in my life that fills me with joy. However, tea, wine, and pizza are just a few of my many indulgences. I relish in telling harmonious stories with a flair for uplifting my readers. I present this with the best of intentions, and hope my words inspire. As a dear friend once said, "Be yourself or be an idiot like me". Enjoy the journey and I'll see you on the high road.

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14 thoughts on “About

  1. When we came here at first there were a number of Pizza places – mostly all gone now and even the Pizza Hut chain is diminished (Take away/ delivery only). Still, I have no idea what your prices are like but one of the two remaining charges $40 for a Pizza and a bottle of coke – $45 delivered. The Pizza Hut is much, much cheaper but , arguably, not as good. Thank you for the visit. I look forward to your future comments.


  2. HI, and thanks for following my blog on diet, exercise and living longer. I am a big fan of pizza and enjoy it often without letting it get my weight going north again. You blog is a fun visit.


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