Matthew’s – Making Moves?


One of the staples and favorites, of the Highlandtown neighborhood of Baltimore, is Matthew’s.

Before I ever ate here, the amount of times I was suggested to go here was aplenty.   Even though I have heard mainly positive reviews, the negative opinions were also frequent.  I didn’t hear much of a grey area on this.  Perhaps people are sick of hearing about where they should go, because everyone else loves it.  Or because all your friends are going, maybe I should go to.  It’s easy to get caught up in the dogma.  I have been guilty of it myself.

With that being said, the first time I ate here I thought it was pretty good.  It was a few years ago.  I can’t quite remember what I had, but knowing me, it was probably a White pizza.

The last time I went, which was over a year ago, I had the Margherita, and I loved it.   The combination of basil, extra virgin olive oil, and the tomatoes I love so much, was the perfect medley.    I felt good eating it and enjoyed every moment.

This go around, I ordered the Spinach, with some garlic added.   I really wanted to like it, but something felt off.  It was but the mozzarella cheese didn’t taste as good as I remembered.   The crust is really good.  It’s thicker than what you will find elsewhere, but it just didn’t mesh well with the cheese.  But the dough is a winner. The spinach and garlic were great.  But the whole wasn’t as great as the sum of it’s parts, if you will.

I do like the basic way it’s packaged, when ordering to go.   I like the old school packaging paper, taped up, protecting the pizza served on a paper plate.


Like I was saying, I really wanted to like my pie, but it didn’t work out tonight.  The way it came out, didn’t look all that appealing either :


But we all have our preferences and opinions.   One isn’t better than the other.  I will gladly be back at Matthew’s again, expecting the great tasting pizza we all hear about in Baltimore.  On this visit, it just wasn’t the case.

It’s good to hear the here the opinions and suggestions of others, while still formulating your own.

Take good care.






Further on up the road, just past the Baltimore City Line, we have Toss.

I learned about this pizzeria from friends who work or live nearby in Towson.  The majority have said it’s a solid to good place.  I checked it out last fall, and though the vibe, for me, wasn’t as positive as some said, I found my pie to be superb.   Something about the energy, is not as what I envisioned.  It’s hard to put my finger on it.

A few months back, I ordered the Portabella Mushroom.   My oh my what a choice.  The dough tasted so fresh, right out of the oven.  It was easy to eat.  I could have eaten the bread on it’s own and been happy.  It broke apart so easily, but in a good way.  So delectable.  The combination of mozzarella, mushrooms, red peppers, spinach, and feta  cheese rocked my world.   An inspiring creation.  The garlic herb sauce was the perfect complement to order.   I wish I had been doing this blog then, as I could write about that one for a while.

This week’s selection, as pictured at the top, is the Satchma’s Spicy Chicken.    I have repeatedly spoken of my love for tomatoes, so that’s some of the reasoning for the order.   In addition, I have been vocal about loving veggies on my pies, so this did not disappoint.  The red onions, mushrooms (which I love so much), the red pepper sauce, the aforementioned tomatoes, and of course, the mozzarella cheese, give this chicken pizza a great taste.   It was very good, but maybe I expected this to be along the line’s of the Portabella choice.

The location, which is easy to drive past, if you didn’t know where it already was, is one of the fun parts about it.   Settled right on York Rd. in Baltimore, makes it easy to go in and out, for carry out or dine in orders.   I do recommend trying it as I will again.   Perhaps I will get another choice heavy on the vegetables.

Thanks so much.



Pasta Mista – Towson


Another in the long line of wonderful pizza jaunts, we got Pasta Mista.   Now with 3 locations, this is the originator.   I have some sentiment to this place, as I went to nearby Towson University, in a previous life.

I have had many distinctive pies from here.  The cheese and white are stupendous.  But I want to change up my orders, wherever I go.

So in this installment, as pictured above, I ordered the White Veggie and Chicken Pesto.  Both were super yummy!

I love pesto, who doesn’t?  And their pesto is top of the line.  And the chicken tastes fresh, not processed.  The tomatoes are the same, as if they were picked right from a garden.  I am loving tomatoes as a compliment to a lot of my meals, not just pizza.  This is no exception.  Magnificent.   The mozzarella and parmesan cheese really melt into the dough effortlessly.  This is a simple recipe that is marvelous.   Did I say how much I love pesto?

The white veggie is another hit.  The tomatoes are thrown in once again, along with broccoli and spinach.  Wow does this trio complement each other well.  After I took one bite, it tasted funny to me.  But it’s because all the vegetables taste fresher than many other pizza parlors or salad bars for that matter.  It’s first-rate.    The white crust with mozzarella, parmesan, and ricotta cheese pack a wonderful punch.   With the vegetables and the cheese, it’s a trio along with another trio of goodness. The garlic is always a welcome part of any pizza or apropos meal for that matter.

One thing about the dough that is noteworthy.  At times it felt like I was eating a piece of toast.  And that is meant as a high compliment.  Every now and again we might get a pizza that sags or feels soggy, from the get go.  This is the complete opposite. This is some of the best pizza crust I have had.  I can’t wait to go back and review some more unique slices that this place has to offer.  And they got some creative ones.

Pasta Mista has a good vibe too.  There is always soccer playing on the tv ,or maybe a less mainstream sport, you might find at the Olympics.  The staff as friendly and seemed happy to be of service.  That has more often been the case.

I’ll be back soon.

Thanks so much.



Tutti Gusti


There is something charming about this neighborhood pizza place, nestled in a cozy location, in the nooks and crannies of Canton.  Giovanni’s Tutti Gusti has a great staff and equally amazing energy, which adds to the soul and the heart of their food. They always greet their patrons like one of their own.   It’s the little things that are the big things.

Many of my friends who a residents of Canton, Brewers Hill, and Highlandtown; have given mainly glowing reviews of their pies.   It took me way too get here.   I drove by this establishment countless of times, never to pay it any mind.  Shame on me. Their slices have never disappointed and are noticeably cheaper compared to the competition.

The two slices I purchased today (which are pictured above), were the Chicken Ranch and the Pizza Bianca (White Pizza). Both were heavenly.

The Chicken Ranch is habit forming.  To begin, the ranch sauce is out of this world.  I don’t know if there’s any hidden ingredients, but my goodness.  It can’t be put into words how good this tastes.    It’s topped with grilled chicken, that tastes like real grilled chicken; mushrooms, tomatoes, and what looks to be basil.  Nothing gets lost in the shuffle here.  This might be my favorite pizza from here.    This slice never had a chance.

The White Pizza tastes wondrous as well.   It’s a simple concoction of ricotta, mozzarella, broccoli, and tomatoes.    I am really like the way vegetables tastes on pizza right now.  It’s what my taste buds are feeling at the moment.

One more thing, the way the crust is prepared is insane.  It is a perfectly cooked thin crust.  I would like to know where this dough is from or if it’s made in house.   I detect an ever so slight buttery taste to the crust as well.  Or that could just be the Ranch sauce.

I have only been here a handful of times and I will be back soon.  I am asking these questions, well, because I am still fairly new to Tutti Gusti’s and I am here inspiring pizza research.

I strongly recommend this place.  Their pizza is delicioso and there’s a magnificent aura from within.  On the few occasions I have visited, I have seen all types of folks from what walks of life in here; from police, firefighters, business people, students, locals, and everyone in between.    No matter what we do, in the end, we all want some good pizza to eat and something fun to talk about.  For that, and many other reasons, we are all the same.  And we’re in this thing together.

Thanks so much.