Wegmans, A Place For Friends


Or maybe a place for pals, if that’s more to your liking.  I sure do love Wegmans.   I think I visited my first one, when it opened up in Hunt Valley, MD about 10 years ago.  Originating nearly 100 years ago from Rochester, New York, they are growing in popularity and locations.   If you’ve been inside, you know it’s like the Disney World of food stores.  But, It’s more than just that.  It’s a place of joy, inspiration, and happiness.  And of course it’s a place where plenty of wonderful things can be purchased.   Let me not get too carried away here.  The heck with it, let’s have fun. It’s time to evoke emotions.

Anything you want to go, is here; from sandwiches, sushi, salad, soup and of course the hot bar with international foods from all over this wonderful planet.  But this is a pizza blog.  Time to make moves.

I must say, I love their cheese, white, and pepperoni pizza.  Perhaps in the future I will review those.  I will just say they are great.   And there will be more posts regarding Wegmans pies soon.

The specific store I visited for this installment was at Boulevard At Box Hill in Abingdon, MD.

This post will be about the Chef’s Creations, and they are constantly changing :

Slice #1 : The Bacon Cheese Blue Cheeseburger (pictured at the top of this post, on the left) : Oh my goodness.  This was heavenly.   I find their pizza dough to be exquisite.  It’s cooked in their ovens to perfection.  It wasn’t too crunchy nor too soft either.  It tasted like I was eating a naan or pita bread.  And that’s how their dough has resonated with me.  And the mozzarella and blue cheese melted together, with the bacon and hamburger meat is an incredible combination.   Phenomenal stuff.

Slice #2 : The Spinach Ricotta (pictured on the right) : Well something went wrong here.   I could tell it was siting on the tray for a while, as it was starting to look a bit old.  The pizza tasted great, but the crust was too crunchy.  The ingredients were great but needn’t have been out this long. I won’t fault the store, but I will fault time.  It just felt like eating potato chips.

But this will not discourage me from coming back.  In my opinion, they have some underrated pizza.  Maybe because it’s a grocery store and not a specific place to get an amazing slice or pie.  I will be returning and hope to bring another inspirational take on the Wegmans experience.  And with more pictures.



Pasta Mista – Towson


Another in the long line of wonderful pizza jaunts, we got Pasta Mista.   Now with 3 locations, this is the originator.   I have some sentiment to this place, as I went to nearby Towson University, in a previous life.

I have had many distinctive pies from here.  The cheese and white are stupendous.  But I want to change up my orders, wherever I go.

So in this installment, as pictured above, I ordered the White Veggie and Chicken Pesto.  Both were super yummy!

I love pesto, who doesn’t?  And their pesto is top of the line.  And the chicken tastes fresh, not processed.  The tomatoes are the same, as if they were picked right from a garden.  I am loving tomatoes as a compliment to a lot of my meals, not just pizza.  This is no exception.  Magnificent.   The mozzarella and parmesan cheese really melt into the dough effortlessly.  This is a simple recipe that is marvelous.   Did I say how much I love pesto?

The white veggie is another hit.  The tomatoes are thrown in once again, along with broccoli and spinach.  Wow does this trio complement each other well.  After I took one bite, it tasted funny to me.  But it’s because all the vegetables taste fresher than many other pizza parlors or salad bars for that matter.  It’s first-rate.    The white crust with mozzarella, parmesan, and ricotta cheese pack a wonderful punch.   With the vegetables and the cheese, it’s a trio along with another trio of goodness. The garlic is always a welcome part of any pizza or apropos meal for that matter.

One thing about the dough that is noteworthy.  At times it felt like I was eating a piece of toast.  And that is meant as a high compliment.  Every now and again we might get a pizza that sags or feels soggy, from the get go.  This is the complete opposite. This is some of the best pizza crust I have had.  I can’t wait to go back and review some more unique slices that this place has to offer.  And they got some creative ones.

Pasta Mista has a good vibe too.  There is always soccer playing on the tv ,or maybe a less mainstream sport, you might find at the Olympics.  The staff as friendly and seemed happy to be of service.  That has more often been the case.

I’ll be back soon.

Thanks so much.