Some Like It Warm


This is a different take on an old favorite.   I love pizza and I love writing about it.  My aim each week is to put a spiritual or atmospheric spin on something many of us love.  What makes this blog fun is I can talk about a place anywhere.   I can drive around from place to place knowing I can add to my experiences.    And that’s what I’ve been doing.


Several months back I found myself in Severn, MD.   It’s a town I have no connections or attachments that I’m aware of.  But with a visit to Casa Della Nonna, that has changed.

I was all set to say what an obscure and hidden gem this place was.   It’s nothing of the sort.  It’s a staple for many in nearby neighborhoods and through various parts of Anne Arundel County.

My time was limited, so I was looking for slices to go.  It’s a fun adventure seeing if the pizzerias will have a myriad of slices on display.  If they don’t, and I’m on a short window of time, I’m out the door.  To my relief they had just what I was looking for.   My one-track mind avoided any perusing of the menu.

Sometimes too many choices that lead to indecision.  That’s more of a personal issue of note.  All they had was a cheese and a white veggie.   It’s just what the pizza doctor ordered.  Well in this case, that’s what I ordered.    Ha, I’m a funny guy.

There was something different in the air.  I felt it before I even walked in.  The young lady at the counter asked if I wanted it heated or wait till I got home.  Was it something in my body language?  She was insistent that it not be warmed up.  I was wondering what was up here.  She was funny and not in at bad way.  I found it entertaining.   She sold me.   Little did I know it was a blessing in disguise.

A friend pointed out to me that eating a pizza lukewarm can tell you how good it really is. After hours (and maybe even days) of sitting on the counter, reheating can cover up deficiencies that one would otherwise never notice.

My first response was I wonder how good these would be if put through the oven again. And did I miss out on something special?  But in hindsight this was perfect.  I was also starving so I devoured both slices in my car expeditiously.

I was looking for a moral here.  But I’m not sure there is one.  Well maybe one is to take something at face value, literally.  As I did here.  Both slices were enjoyable.  The dough was perfect, ever under what I presumed were mediocre conditions.  If you look close, you can tell neither slice reheated.

In the future, even when I’m not in a hurry, I may look to grab my slices and request not to have them cooked.  It would be a fun experiment.

The restaurant is more suited for just that.  It’s food is meant to be enjoyed in a relaxed atmosphere.  I hope to visit again in such a scenario.  I was grateful to visit a new restaurant in a town I don’t venture to that often.

A repeat visit will happen.  That’ll mean a repeat post.

Until then…





2 thoughts on “Some Like It Warm

  1. Beingfrom NY and living in Sacramento, Ca for the past 35 years I am usually disappointed by “New York” pizza. I usually return to NYC for my pizza fix. Until I found Giovanni’s Old World New York Pizzeria. Now I do not have to travel to NYC, but I will anyway.

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