Extreme Eating


I didn’t have a clever title nor did I come up with anything so terrible that it could end up being funny.   I made myself laugh just now.   I stuck with the alliteration.


My random travels brought me to Extreme Pizza.  I had only heard about them sparingly but never stumbled upon a location, until now.   Makes sense, since the only one remotely close to me was my stop in Pentagon City/Arlington.

This wasn’t the best first impression. But first impressions in life and in food can be deceiving.  Because of their elaborate menu, of not just pizza, I’ll be back.

Check out some of the eccentric names for these pies.  That’ll draw folks in on that alone.

This may come as a shock but I went with the Peace In The Middle East.  I badly wanted to like this.  It unfortunately didn’t happen.

I got the personal size to go and that was more than enough.   I know the picture at the top tells a different story.  That’s another misleading first impression.   Don’t judge a pizza by its cover.  I’m just full of cliches today.

The biggest problem was that feta and mozzarella were on the same pizza.  In some instances I could see that working. It didn’t happen with this choice. It’s such a dichotomy of cheeses that it didn’t materialize into a masterpiece.  It felt bland.  I love feta and I love mozzarella.  Not here though.  Feta is a sentimental thing for me per family gatherings and other reasons, so this made me distraught.  I’m projecting.

There were too many other moving parts.   I love hummus, tomatoes, olives, and pepperoncini but not all at once.   If you pick the pieces off they’re fine on their own.  I did that quite a bit.  The caramelized onions didn’t work here either.  They didn’t have a place here.   I’m sad to even write that as I adore onions.

While eating I wondered if I should have gotten the wheat or gluten free crust. Maybe that would have improved this pie?  Ironically, the crust was my favorite part.  So that wasn’t the problem.  I get the feeling this is an adventurous pizza that many will love.  But I didn’t.

I took many photos of the slices. It’s gorgeous on the surface but buyer beware.

However, there’s so many magnificent looking pies that I will be back.   Perhaps I’ll try a vegan selection.  That alone is a draw.  I’m all for expanding my horizons.

If you’re near a location, I would recommend a visit.  Maybe you’ll find a gem.  I suspect this chain is only going to grow.  They seem to love California.

If and when I’m back at Extreme Pizza, I’ll be happily writing about it and I believe it’ll be a stupendous pie.  I’m optimistic.





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