Bake Shoppe Brilliance


Yes!  They spell, ‘shoppe’, the way I like spelling ‘shoppe.’  This makes me so happy. Kermit’s Bake Shoppe out of South Philadelphia, is a happy and cozy place.  It makes me yearn for a place like this near me in Maryland.

Where else can you find a combination of a bakery and a pizza parlor, all in a tiny, yet efficient space.

I was immediately drawn the mural outside the building.  I felt this was going to be a massive and imposing location where I would lose myself in a world of baked goods.  Most of that space is for the staff and equipment to make all their foods and toasty treats.

Literally, when I walked in, what I saw was everything.  We had your ready-to-go cookies and cakes in what area, pre-made whole pies and cakes in another, and course the pizza by the register.

In addition I saw pastries done up in funny shapes.  I’m not sure if they were straight up pasties or calzones.  I was a bit mesmerized by it all, while still having a one track mind for some hopefully yummy pizza.

I didn’t need much of a menu as the pizza display area only had a few pies at the time.  It makes the decision that much easier.  Sometimes too many choices can drive you crazy. But I’m still for many options as possible.  That wasn’t meant to be as contradictory as it came off.


The mood called for three slices.  Well that’s just my mood sometimes.  Another more sensible person may come in for one or two.  But the affordability of the slices lent itself to a little splurging.    My three slices came out to under $10.  That’s what I’m talking about.

There’s no tables, chairs, stools, or anywhere to sit.  I like that.  You get your food and you go on your merry way.  I dig this shoppe.


Happy Belated National Cheese Pizza Day. I did go with the traditional cheese as my first slice.  The pleasant person behind the counter told me this one just came out of the oven and didn’t need to be reheated.  It’s a simple cheese.  I wasn’t blown away by it nor was I disappointed.  I had no expectations either way.  The flaky crust was a definite plus and that was the theme throughout these three slices. The cheese was decent and the tomato sauce was what you would expect.  I think I’ve gotten used to either none or higher end tomato sauce that my palate has moved in a different direction.


Next up was the White Mushroom had some charm to it.  I love white pizza and this was really good.  I love mushrooms and the shrooms tasted fresh.  This was reheated in the oven but I almost think I’d enjoy it more lukewarm.    After reviewing the menu I forgot leeks and sea salt were two of the ingredients.  No wonder there was a little more to this than a usual mushroom or white pie.  And crucolo is not something I have everyday.  I may have to change that.


Finally, it’s the the Kerminator.  Yes you read that right.  I asked what it was and the team member actually opened up a binder to explain the ingredients to me.  That was going above and beyond when not necessary.  I felt bad making her go that far.  What would be even worse is if I didn’t order it.  Of course I did. Choucroute, which is fancier name for sauerkraut is the major selling point here.  This was thick and rich for me, so I took my sweet time eating this.  And across the board, I saved some of all these slices.  I can’t eat all this at once.  The caramelized onions did it for me.   Gruyere, crème fraiche, and ham seem more like something I’d like more during the cooler months or during the holidays. Well that will happen soon enough.  But for now this was enjoyable and I’m all for different.  I think I would appreciate this more after a second try.


Even though the place has only been open since 2013, I get the sense that the neighborhood loves it.  It’s a place for locals, as the surrounding area is very industrial and the food and drink options are a a bit scarce in the few block radius that I saw.


One of the friendly staff working there told me they were going through a transition. Everything seemed fine to me, but I’m sure whatever they have in mind is going to be spectacular.

When I’m back in the area I would love to try more than just their pizza.  This place has much to offer and I’ll be happy to  take them up on said offer.


And a ye old bake shoppe just tugs at my heartstrings on the premise alone.

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More pizza shoppe reviews to come.




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