Delaware’s Finest


I didn’t know much about Wilmington, other than that it’s the largest city in Delaware. Maybe I didn’t know that and I just looked up that information moments ago.

Little did I know that this is a city that’s only going to keep on growing.  But every city says that and they should, as long as its for the better.

There’s a lot of character.  We got old buildings, we got run down ones, and everything in the middle.  Sounds like everywhere right?

No matter what, when you drive into a new town, it’s likely going to be exciting and  the feelings create a sense of curiosity.   For me, when I pass through town I want to park my car and start strolling.  I had no idea I would find myself here and get lost at the same time.


Within that curiosity leads me to naturally want to find some yummy pizza slices.  I wasn’t in the mood for a whole pie today.   Fortunately, DiMeo’s checked up so many boxes and more.  But I don’t have a checklist haha.   But the coziness and location already sounded like this was going to be a winner.  And of course it was.


It’s got a great vibe yet feels like a newer pizzeria all at once.  If you’ve been there or been to a place similar, that will most likely make sense.


I didn’t know at the time this was a family run business.   That always tugs at my heartstrings and hits a sentimental spot for me.   So my hope is that the food, ambiance, and vibe will all match what most independent restaurants tend to bring.  I’m happy to report that it did.

The place was starting to pick up as it was lunch hour so I grabbed my slices real fast.  I tend to love my alliteration so I deliberately ordered two slices that both started with the letter, ‘V’, for that reason alone and no other.

I went with the Vulcano and Venerdi.  Yes I originally thought the former was called ‘Volcano’, and that wasn’t as far off as dopey at first glimpse.  It’s a buffalo chicken with a much sexier name.  I like it.  I liked the pizza.  Even though the warm weather didn’t echo dining on a thicker and spicier slice, it was still tremendous.


If I had to nitpick, the slices didn’t seem as thin as they may have advertised.  But they do Neapolitan Style which further explains the Vulcano name so their crust is going to be a bit different.  It’s freshly baked and delicious, but was a bit thicker for my taste at the the time.  But it was cooked perfectly.  The diced chicken mixed with shredded pieces was charming.  And the sauce, my goodness that sauce, was fantastic.  And just a little bleu cheese goes a long way. This is a great slice.


The Venerdi was outstanding.  I love mushrooms and spinach.  These two veggies paired together was a treat.  I actually may have liked this slice more. That’s more of a personal choice than anything else. The tomatoes were a nice complement to the rest of the pie as well, if albeit understated.  Man this slice was good.  And the crust actually went better with this than the Vulcano.  But once again it’s a personal preference above all else.


This was my first time in Wilmington and hopefully not the last.  It’s a little under an hour from me so I shouldn’t make any excuses.  It’s a different world and different is good.  It’s easy to get comfortable in your neighborhood or nearby city, so as to not leave. I imagine that many folks who live here would feel the same, unless they head 30 minutes to Philadelphia.

There’s a lot to like in the downtown area.  And for me I’m glad it all started DiMeo’s.  If you’re interested in hearing more, here is their contact information.

Enjoy Summer.  Yes it’s still Summer.






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