Charmed By Charred


I’ve made this statement in previous postings, but this will one of my more enjoyable write-ups.


There’s a feeling of gratitude when friends want to hang out with you and actually say they will get a pizza or visit a pizzeria I can write about.   This happened with a visit last week to Coal Fire Pizza and even more specifically the Crofton location, which is located in Gambrills.  Try to make sense of that one.


My recent visit to see my pals was full of wonder, randomness, and adventure.   I tried to visualize and remember certain pizza joints in the area, this one seemed to have slipped my mind. I’m glad it slipped because I prefer spontaneity.  Life is usually great like that.

So after the area tour, my pals drove us to the Waugh Chapel shopping area, which in many ways looks like it was created overnight.  In many ways, it doesn’t seem that long ago and feels like it was effortless to develop.  It was at that moment I figured out where were headed.  And I’m so thankful we did.  I’m even more thankful it’s a spot I have yet to review or actually ever set foot in.  It’s a double bonus.  And there’s even more double bonuses to come.


Since I was a newbie, my friends took the reigns on what the pies would be.   I was just along for the ride and trusted their judgement.   In the meantime,  I took as many photos as I was able to in the allotted time.  The pies were to go!


And without further adieu, the pizzas were the plain cheese, or there version of the margherita, but without the basil, and the Ricotta Infusion.   One (or maybe both) really stood out and made a long-lasting impression.

It feels good seeing the imprints of the cheese embedded into the dough.  That’s when you know the mozzarella is home-made and made with sincerity. There’s a genuine soul behind this operation.

That crust is incredible by the way.  The coal fire treatment gives the crust a different kind of burnt, or of course, charred taste that’s different than standard oven or the popular brick oven.  It’s a smoked bread savor that you don’t get every day.  That swirl of their sauce is another brilliant touch.   The dough has a comforting chewy bite as well.  Man this is a great pie.  The slices got decimated and in part because we were enjoying ourselves.


The ricotta infusion was even that much more phenomenal.   Ricotta is a cheese that is a gift from somewhere unexplained.  It’s divine yet familiar.  And not just because I have the cheese on a semi-regular basis.  This just floored me.   And the charring is just as inspiring.  I love how some of the slices had the cheese envelope the entire crust.  Whether that was planned or not does not matter.  I was thrilled with everything.


My pals made the most correct of choices.


And nothing can be better with great pizza, then with great wine.  And for more on this particular bottle, click here.

I got a few snapshots of the inside and outside.  I hope you enjoy.  And I certainly enjoyed this experience.  I sincerely hope this isn’t the last.  There’s so much more I want to try.


Kudos to my friends for an iconic place and for living so close by.  That definitely helps.

I wish this local and expanding chain the best of success and I look forward to returning sooner rather than later.    For more information and their contact information, go here.

Spring is here and hopefully the great pies just keep on coming.

All The Best,





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