Italian Gardens




I paid a visit to Italian Gardens in Towson, MD yesterday.   The charming location inside the Shops at Kenilworth, make this such a folksy place with a small town feel.   No matter what part of the mall, albeit tiny, you’re in; the aroma does permeate throughout.    In my opinion, this may have the best slice of cheese pizza I’ve ever had.

Sometimes it’s not always how a food tastes, but the whole aura surrounding a pizza place, can really enhance the joy of eating a pie.   This is the embodiment of that.

I’ve always had a good experience here.  And the little things go a long way.  I ordered one cheese and one Chicago Style Stuffed vegetable pizza slice.  They gave me an extra cheese because they felt one was too small.  Now that may seem like a little thing, but that’s going above and beyond.  They didn’t have to do that. I am very appreciative of that act of generosity.

The original cheese tastes like pure heaven.   I don’t think words can do it justice.   There are no over the top ingredients or anything Artisanal about this.  It’s a great cheese pizza that is too good for words.    I have spoken very highly of this place to my friends for a few years now, and yesterday only validated that fact.   This is a can’t miss slice.

The vegetable pizza was very good as well. I would put it a notch or two below the cheese.

The mall itself is older and may be revamped down the line.  But, in it’s current form, it adds to the charm of having Italian Gardens located where it is.  And with the current Christmas set up, I was happy to take in, not just the pizza, but the whole experience itself.

Pizza tastes just that much better when the energy around you is positive.  Everything about my visit yesterday was perfect. I hope to be back soon and review another offering from this stellar pizza joint.

I am very serious.  The cheese here is nearly unbeatable.   Incredible.

Thanks so much.




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