This will be the first post of the the Pizza Pals.  Currently I am the only pal posting. So hi.   I don’t know where this blog is going, other than when I encounter a new pizza place or something pizza related, a post will follow.  So there could be two days between posts or two weeks.

I went to The Arthouse in the Hampden neighborhood of Baltimore last night.  It was my only my second time visiting.   The first time was earlier this year and I thought it was incredible.  I honestly don’t remember what pie I had.  But I loved it.   Maybe I had massive expectations the second time around.

The three pies purchased are pictured above –  Cheese; White; and French Onion.  The latter to try something different.

I thought the cheese was decent, but I have had better slices at local pizza parlors near my house.   This is not to discredit this pie. Something just seemed missing here.  It was a notch below what I feel a pricier restaurant pie should be.

The white pizza was really tasty. I have never heard of white sauce referred to as Behamel Sauce.  So that was pretty cool.  With the Ricotta, garlic sauce, and mozzarella mixed together; we have a great combination.   A very tasty medley of flavors.

The French Onion tasted just like the soup.  It was a very creative idea.    The caramelized onions were delicioso.  The chives were a nice touch and I could really taste them.

The dough was thin and cooked very well in their brick ovens.   A definite complement to the cheese, sauces, and seasonings.

But all in all, maybe I had such massive expectations, that overall I thought this go around was just good.  Nothing amazing.  I really wanted to love everything, but it did not quite happen.   I will be going back again.

Thanks so much for your time.




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