Italian Gardens – Round 2


I had a couple of different pizza joints all lined up to review, but I just couldn’t help myself.  I made a quick return to the iconic, Italian Gardens, yesterday.   It was on another spiritual level like the aforementioned visit.   This time I ordered two, which ended up being three, large thin crust pizzas to go.

It was an inspired idea, based on nothing but, well, inspiration.    I raved about the cheese slice last time, but this was my first ever experience with their white pizza.   And oh my goodness, this is on that same level.  Absolutely incredible.   I am used to having three cheese white, but with this one, sans parmesan, is a monumental experience.

The combination of mozzarella, ricotta, basil, garlic, tomatoes (oops more on that in a few sentences), and their homemade olive oil sauce is something special.   The latter puts it over the top.  If anyone knows what’s in it, please let me know?  Or maybe it’s best kept hidden.

I haven’t given a enough credit to the crust either.    The taste, crispiness, and crunchiness of the dough is flawless.

Now onto the tomatoes..

I initially placed a call ahead order, for one white and one cheese.  I inadvertently forgot to say no tomatoes on the former.  Now I love them, but I prefer the pie plain.   When I got there, I did check my order and saw my mistake.   I offered to pay for the order, sans fruit, but they gave it to me on the house.   As before, with giving me two cheese slices for the price of one, they didn’t have to do this.    The service here is top notch, on par with their pizza.    And it may even taste better with those pesky tomatoes.

I can’t remember  having magnificent experiences at any dining establishment, consecutively.

I am heaping some major praise, but believe me, this is warranted.    It will be a while (well maybe) before I do another recap of this legendary pizza establishment.   But, take my word for it, this is worth the drive.    Pictured above is the three orders.  Yes, folks were starving before photos could be taken.   It’s that good.

In the next calendar year, I will have other pizza places to recap and other fun pizza information.   Hopefully a little something for everyone.

Thanks so much and Happy New Year.

Oh and go to Italian Gardens.




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