All The Love


I tend to remark about how experiences, things, and places find me.  In this instance, I’m so grateful to have found Rosa’s Fresh Pizza, in the great city of Philadelphia.

My random walks here (or in any town) lead me to restaurants and pizza parlors that I didn’t know existed.  I do some advance research, but in most instances I love to stumble upon a gem.  This is one of those diamonds that I may not come close to discovering again. I want to savor this place and this experience. I will attempt to heap all the praise I can.


What first drew me in was the $1 slices.  Who’s going to turn away upon seeing that sign?

Speaking of signs, you may notice a certain tv show the establishment was featured on. I’m intrigued and immediately think this place is noteworthy. Little did I know what an understatement that was.

Their concept is amazing, yet so simple.  The pizza and toppings include only the staples. You got pepperoni, onions, mushrooms, and that’s about it.   You won’t find any unorthodox toppings here. These are your essentials.


I will make this pizza review short, as this is not the point of this post.  The crust is thin.  I mean it’s really thin.  On a warm Philadelphia day, this was perfect.   It’s not a world-class slice nor does it need to be. For how little I paid and the soul behind it, this is masterful. We had a perfect balance of cheese and sauce. And that pork pepperoni felt inventive and original. That’s enough about the food.


Rosa’s concept is all about giving  back to the community.   For every dollar donated, a slice of pizza goes to a homeless person.  My heart warmed when I read that.  What a joy to be inside such a house of caring and love.


I still didn’t get all the post-it notes that adorned the walls, until I read the messages.   Per our donation, we get to write a note of spiritual healing and hopefulness.   A homeless visitor can trade that note in for a slice. The simplicity and sincerity of this approach gives me chills.

How other companies have not followed suit, or created a similar model is astonishing. This is a trailblazing concept that could not only sweep the city, but maybe across the country, and beyond.

It’s been my personal choice to rarely mention names in a blog.  I like the experience and the food to tell its own story.  However, the owner, Mason Wartman deserves all the support and praise in the world.   Does it get any better than this?

After my visit, I did all the research I could about this splendid and exquisite pizzeria.  I didn’t realize that Mason was the man behind the counter making those yummy pies.   It was an honor to feel that energy.  I’m shaking as I write this and looking back fondly on my experience.  He had a smile on his face and seemed happy in this endeavor.

The simple details only add to the brilliance of this place.  Neo soul was playing over the speakers, the countertops were cozy, and the young lady taking my order was approachable and pleasant.  It’s a magnificent energy that transcends any of us.

There’s plenty of sweet merchandise on-hand to purchase as well.  It all goes to the cause.


My intuition was right.  I had a warm feeling about this place before I even walked in.  But I had no idea I’d feel it ten-fold.  This is such remarkable thing to be able to support and contribute to.


I’m grateful Rosa’s is so close to me and I will know to make this a focal point of any visit to the city of brotherly love from this point forward.

If you’re a local or visiting the area, I cannot recommend this place anymore than I already have. I don’t think all the words and all the praise will do it justice.

There’s an option to order online but this is more than about the pizza.  This is a win-win for everyone involved.  The business is helping those in need, we do our part, and folks less fortunate enjoy something fresh.  What a simple model that could spearhead a movement, if it hasn’t already.

8500 slices were donated last year.  What does that tell you?  I could watch the video, featured on the main page, repeatedly.

I don’t know how to end this, other than to say go here.   When I look back at old posts of this blog, this might be the standard-bearer.  How do you top this?

This is first-class all the way.

Have A Great Holiday Weekend,



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