Pizza N’ Cinema


We’re swiftly approaching the Academy Awards.  And nothing screams awards like a good pizza.  You know it’s true.

It’s been over a year since the last Towson, MD pizza post.  It has been home to  some of my favorites for a number of years now.

BJ’s Restaurant and Brewhouse  is one of the newest additions to the ever-so blossoming Towson Square area.  It’s a chain I’ve never walked into let alone never heard of. What have I been missing?

They’re menu has something for everyone but I have a one track mind.  And away we go.

My friend and I were on our way to the nearby cinema.  So we just wanted a quick drink and something small to eat.   Lucky for us, it was happy hour on specialty drinks, $1-$2 off certain appetizers, and half-off deep dish pizzas.  The finale got me excited.

I saw many appetizing choices from the pizza section, that I couldn’t quite make up my mind right away. My pal and I wanted something we both could enjoy.  The Mediterranean won out.  And this is a winner indeed.


I know this isn’t likely a carbon-copy of Chicago Style Deep Dish but I’ve never been to Chicago so how would I know if this compares.  But what I do know is that this was a very good pie that did its job.  We weren’t looking for any award-winning creations.   We just wanted something to make us feel good and feed our bellies.  I would say mission accomplished on both.


Pesto was a pleasant surprise to our pie.   That’s a bit of alliteration on my part.   But the basil pesto really brought the excitement.  Everything on the pie did.  The grilled chicken tasted fresh and vibrant. The Kalamata olives were gold and I love my olives.  The sun-dried tomatoes may have tasted saltier than I wanted but that’s not major complaint.   The peperoncinis were a surprise to me.  I didn’t realize they were on our pie.   But the feta cheese stole the show.  There was just enough that it didn’t overshadow anything else.

My friend pointed out how the deep dish crush wasn’t too thick or greasy.   It was the perfect amount of dough that it still maintained the integrity of a deep crush but without the bloated feeling afterwards.

Our bodacious beverages (more cheesy alliteration) were the Royal Soda and the Sailor Jerry Cherry Soda.  More information can be found in the cocktails menu linked here.  I’d come back for these drinks alone.

The serendipitous part of our meal was near the end.   Our friendly bartender overheard us saying we were headed to the cinema.  She mentioned that they sell passes for the movies for $3 less than buying them at the actual movie theater box office.  A gem on top of a gem.  What an awesome find.

I will say that the deep dish pizzas do tend to get pricey as the size goes up.  Our half-off hour-pizza came out to around $6.


So my friends if you’re in the Towson area, you have my vote of confidence on this spot. I’m not a big beer drinker but they got plenty of that too.

And for the rest of my comrades, here is the link to find a BJ’s near you.

As previously mentioned, if you’re interested in reading my previous posts from the area, you can go to this one here, or maybe this one, or finally these bad boys.

Take good care and see yas next time.



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