The Corner Boys


I used to work in Bethesda.  I grew up in Montgomery County so there is a lot of familiarity.   Any sentimentality?  It depends on where I go.   With Bethesda, there is snt much.   It’s not the most welcoming energy I’ve  come across.

Yet, I did find myself in this fast-paced and what-do-you-do town for reasons that aren’t necessary to explain here  I’ll just call it an adventure.

No matter where you go you’re bound to find a grocery store, general store, coffee shop, and of course a pizzeria.

This brings us to Corner Slice.


I can romanticize a multitude of things.  This I can’t.   This has nothing to do with the neighborhood.   I’ve just never loved their slices.  And I was eating here over 10 years ago.

It’s New York Style but it’s all about whether it tastes good or not.  This just doesn’t cut it. For a quick pick up it serves its audience and serves its purpose.   But there is no substance.   And for many that doesn’t matter.  It’s still pizza right?

I love dwelling on the positive.  Believe me,  I want everything I write about to be inspiring.  And I can find the good in just about every situation presented to me.   And I can find some here.

I recognize one and maybe even two people still running the shop from back in 2004 when I made my first visit.  Is that a testament to enjoying your gig, loyalty, work ethic, or it just is?  Either way, that’s pretty cool.

The interior is the same and most importantly, the two slices and a soda are still under $10.  I can’t argue with that, especially with the pricey food options surrounding it.


I ordered the cheese and then the white with spinach and artichoke.  I really like the simple creativity of the latter.


However, the crunchiness of both slices was worse than I remembered.    The toppings, the cheese, and the sauce all became afterthoughts.   It looks great I know.  But this was anything but that.

A good slice can come from anywhere.  And I mean anywhere.  It can be from an upscale restaurant, gas station, grocery store prepared food area, or from the freezer section.   This wasn’t near any of those.

I’ve become a fan of New York slices.  This wasn’t it.  There was no feel good moments of being here.  It’s just there.  And that’s how I’ve always looked at the area.  It’s not my style and neither was the pie.

Stay warm.






4 thoughts on “The Corner Boys

  1. There is nothing more disappointing than eating bad pizza. The worst I’ve ever had (and I remember it clearly) was from a country pub in New South Wales here in Australia. It broke my heart. I’ve been reading your posts the past few days (just discovered your blog) and will enjoy your encounters with pizza.


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