Square Biz


I’ve been enjoying Ledo Pizza going back 20+ years and I am happy to report it’s just as good as I remember.

When you’re much younger and when it comes to pizza, everything is likely to taste world class.  It’s the greatest thing we’ve ever eaten.  Then maybe the next thing you eat is the best thing ever. It’s less complex to think like that.   Your horizons have yet to expand and your tastes are so simplistic.   In a way it’s so endearing and so innocent.

The simplicity comes from the square pieces.  It doesn’t get more accessible than that, literally and figuratively.

However, we grow up.  Our lives change, our interests change, and so do expectations.    But Ledo always rings true.  It has never disappointed.   Truthfully, I don’t think it ever will.

I’ve been to so many locations, with so many friends and family over the years that I feel it’s a part of me.  Sometimes we’ve dined it but usually it’s been a carry-out order.  That may lend itself to how busy me and my contemporaries are.

The holidays are a time to be busy but also a time to relax.  I should relax and just get on with the recap.

The pies ordered were from the White Marsh location.

You know the cheese is the standard bearer and it was great here as usual. One stand out for me is the sauce is a little sweeter than what you might find at other pizza hangouts.  But it’s so good.  The crust is heated perfectly.  Sometimes there’s parts that are crunchier than others, especially around the corners, but that’s all part of the fun. And it’s so quick and comforting.

We changed it up bit and also got The Cannonball which includes parmesan, meatballs, with basil thrown on top.  The meatballs may not have been what you find at an upscale Italian restaurant but that isn’t the point.  It works perfectly here.   The parmesan and basil thrown on top is a wondrous touch and makes for a superb visual.


You know what you’re getting and it’s perfection.  It’s a state of pizza bliss and euphoria that you don’t get everywhere.


I’ve praised many a place but this is a different kind of positivity.  I can’t compare this to others, not because of the shape or because it’s a local chain.  It’s maybe something I can explain later.  Not now. Just maybe some things are better left unsaid or kept eternal.

That didn’t mean to come off as dramatic as it intended.  I just love this place.  Maybe it’s the little kid from within still feeling like one whenever I enjoy their pies.


If you’ve never been here then I would highly recommend giving it a go.   Locations are listed here.

In traditional fashion, I love the community and fundraising pages.

Gift cards and other fun things can be found here!

I wish you all a continuously joyous and happy holiday.




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