Dogs = Love


You know what makes most people happy besides pizza?

The comfort and companionship of our animal friends is invaluable.  There is no price the love and friendship that comes from a dog, a cat, or any of our other pals with paws brings. So when I find a place, not just a pizza place, but a place that supports helping and protecting our friends, I’m all aboard and then some.   More on this near the end.

I had been to Lost Dog Cafe one time but I didn’t order anything. My time was limited and was only looking for slices on that particular day.  The wait time was 15-20 minutes for food that I decided that day was not meant to be.   Why force the issue on some deliciousness when you know that there will be a place for this in time.

There’ll be a day where I can appreciate a pie where a little more time and craftsmanship than usual.  Man I’m setting myself up for a disappointment aren’t I?   Well when it comes to an individual sized pie (which is the smallest they have) I’m hoping for something that feels a little more, well personal.


That day was yesterday.  Call it fate, call it destiny, call it I happened to be in Arlington, and a Lost Dog Cafe was mere minutes from me.   Here we go.


South Arlington was the setting and upon walking up, I felt like I was on a set of a movie and everyone was on break.  It seemed eerily quiet.  It was lunch hour so I wonder where all the people went. But I should also appreciate the quiet time that has been presented to me, as I know it’ll be temporary.

Inside there’s nothing but pictures and murals of dogs in happy situations.  That makes me happy.  I took some but wanted to leave more to your imagination.  If you’ve been here, like many of my friends in Northern Virginia have, you know any of their locations have set ups like this.

If I lived here I’d be a regular of all five, in some way, shape, or form.  That form would be the love of pizza and pups.

So like I was saying, I’ve praised this place beyond the point of turning back.  Am I positioning myself for a letdown?  Absolutely not.


Since this was officially my first time ordering, I did strain and agonize over what to get. The menu has more choices than a simple man knows what do to do with.  I mean this is life changing stuff.   This could make a break a persons day or life.  Wait did I just  say that? Priorities.

Then something hit me.  Breathe, relax, it’s not that serious.  It’s not.  I may always be this way but the pizza and ordering experience in general, but it’s supposed to be fun.  We have enough unnecessary stress, this should not be one of them.


After that over-the-top dramatic build, I went with Pete’s Pie, which is one of their newer recipes.

I don’t know who Pete is but I want to say thank you.  Oh my and pizza party was this a pie. I was engrossed in this excitement I forgot the base of this was a white pie.  At $12, this was a deal and a steal.


That crust is comfort food to the max.  I can only describe it as something that is perfect to pair with a soup or any many meal.  It feels like this dough matches the change in the weather.  Of course this would be enjoyed year round, but I felt like as a introduction, this is how it was always supposed to be.

Pete’s hot sauce along with not just red onion, but green onion, might sound fiery, but anyone can handle this.   And that shredded chicken, you’ve got to be kidding me. Chicken whether it’s in strips, cubed, or dice, is all wonderful.  But something about shredded gives you more flavor and more of a savory taste when eating.


This pie never had a chance.  Well I did save some for later.  And it was just as awesome the second time around.

But what’s even more awesome is what they do for our animal friends.  For the past 15 years,  they’ve been helping displaced animals find homes.  Links are provided here and if you’re interested in reading more about them and donating, click here.

On that alone, I want to be a support of there’s for life.  Having phenomenal pizza is a bonus at this point.  It’s just a little gravy on a wonderful experience that brings positive energy to our pals with paws, and on that note, to our universe in general.


I only wish I had  been here sooner, as in years ago.

Here’s their contact info, online ordering info, and their beer and wine list, which I haven’t even touched upon. Especially with the latter that just means I must come back. With the charisma this place exudes, this’ll be soon.  Hopefully their original location will be next.

I love it,





I Love Williamsburg


I have so many fond memories of Colonial Williamsburg.  This dates back to my first ever trip when I was in the the 5th grade.   I’m sure many folks can relate and remember a similar excursion.

Times have changed.    I’m a young adult who enjoys many of the simple things in life. And when you’re a kid a lot of those pleasures remain when you mature.  I didn’t necessarily say that I matured.   But I believe you see what I’m saying.

When I go with my friends or myself now, the entertainment is familiar but so much has changed.

The downtown area which faces the beautiful William & Mary campus is exactly how I remembered it, with a few additions.  Obviously I wasn’t eating and drinking at fine restaurants when I was a kid, but I recall the landscape.  I recall the energy.  I remember how I felt.  It felt warm and it felt genuine.  It’s the sincerity and positivity that draws me back.

The colonial shoppes are still there and that’s the main draw.  It’s the simplicity that draws me back versus the commotion of a large city.

So what does this have to with pizza?

The last time I was here was May of 2015 and the reasons are so cosmic that it may be best unspoken. But nevertheless, I was here and I’m all for writing about a pies that aren’t local to me in the Maryland area.


The downside on this weekday night is most things closed by 10 pm and the pizza discovery led me a few miles and a few minutes up the road.

In what feels like a whole different universe, the straightforwardly named Williamsburg Shopping Center, had just what I was looking for.


Sal’s by Victor is a family restaurant enjoyed by locals, students, tourists, and everything in between.  I had driven by multiple times before and never stopped in.  This sounds about right.


My photos make it seem like it’s in a secluded and mysterious area.  It was relatively quiet that I could pretend it was giving me the creeps.   I was just happy to get a pie.  No need for dramatics.

Carry-out was the only option as the kitchen was about to close.  I would have been satisfied dining in and the authenticity and vibration of the interior was so welcoming.   That’ll have to happen another time.


I ordered the Campagnole Pizza which hit the spot and perfect for the long drive back.   The chicken was fresh as was the broccoli and spinach. And that crust was heated perfectly.  Look at that color and texture!    I didn’t taste much garlic as I had hoped but that’s a minor quibble.

For a late order this was very good.   In being objective, I imagine this pizza would taste even more amazing under a relaxed setting with a nice seated table, good company, and a refreshing beverage.

For now it’s a memory created that I’ll grin about for a while.

And I can’t wait to be back in this beautiful Williamsburg.


Ideen Barimani