Pasta Mista – Towson

Another in the long line of wonderful pizza jaunts, we got Pasta Mista.   Now with 3 locations, this is the originator.   I have some sentiment to this place, as I went to nearby Towson University, in a previous life. I have had many distinctive pies from here.  The cheese and white are stupendous.  But […]

Another Door Opens

Eatalian Bistro of Towson sits in a location that’s all too familiar to the locals and folks who like to spend a day or afternoon or shopping nearby at one of the two local malls. Sometime back I wrote about what was once there, and it reminds me of the many occasions I ate there, […]

Fame and Fortunatos

I know right.  That’s the title I came up with and I’m sticking to it.  Actually I could change it at any time but I don’t see that happening. For as long as this blog has been going, and we’re past two years now, I always knew I would get to writing about Fortunato Brothers […]

Lotsa To Love

If I had only said only ‘Lotsa To Like’ that would imply that I really enjoyed it, but there was that little extra missing.  So I said I love it.  And indeed I do.  No embellishment of the truth is necessary. Lotsa (which now has several locations and growing) of Towson, MD is simple, effective, and […]

Pizza N’ Cinema

We’re swiftly approaching the Academy Awards.  And nothing screams awards like a good pizza.  You know it’s true. It’s been over a year since the last Towson, MD pizza post.  It has been home to  some of my favorites for a number of years now. BJ’s Restaurant and Brewhouse  is one of the newest additions to […]

Strap Happy

My pizza analysis brings me back to Towson, where the neighborhood continues to grow.  And many shops, services, restaurants, and of course pizza places (more to come) are popping up.   This ain’t a college town anymore. But what has remained a constant is Strapazza.  There is nothing fancy or avante garde about this place.  You […]