Pasta Mista – Towson

Another in the long line of wonderful pizza jaunts, we got Pasta Mista.   Now with 3 locations, this is the originator.   I have some sentiment to this place, as I went to nearby Towson University, in a previous life. I have had many distinctive pies from here.  The cheese and white are stupendous.  But […]

Something With The Zucchini

I had no idea that CuVino even existed.  And I’m slightly embarrassed by that.  I used to spend a lot of time in this vicinity (history lesson here), and can’t even recall what was in the space before.  Honestly, it doesn’t matter. What’s important is this combination of restaurant/bar/wine shoppe and one of the more […]

One Olympic Place

You know how long I’ve been wanting to use that as a title?  All of about two hours… This came to me earlier today.  It would have made sense to write about Cunningham’s of Towson during the events of last month, yet I find myself having a bit of a laugh as I write this […]

Another Door Opens

Eatalian Bistro of Towson sits in a location that’s all too familiar to the locals and folks who like to spend a day or afternoon or shopping nearby at one of the two local malls. Sometime back I wrote about what was once there, and it reminds me of the many occasions I ate there, […]

Fame and Fortunatos

I know right.  That’s the title I came up with and I’m sticking to it.  Actually I could change it at any time but I don’t see that happening. For as long as this blog has been going, and we’re past two years now, I always knew I would get to writing about Fortunato Brothers […]

Lotsa To Love

If I had only said only ‘Lotsa To Like’ that would imply that I really enjoyed it, but there was that little extra missing.  So I said I love it.  And indeed I do.  No embellishment of the truth is necessary. Lotsa (which now has several locations and growing) of Towson, MD is simple, effective, and […]

Pizza N’ Cinema

We’re swiftly approaching the Academy Awards.  And nothing screams awards like a good pizza.  You know it’s true. It’s been over a year since the last Towson, MD pizza post.  It has been home to  some of my favorites for a number of years now. BJ’s Restaurant and Brewhouse  is one of the newest additions to […]